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Stay away from SQL Reporting Services!!

I've been trying to work with this pile of fucking trash for about a month now. What a buggy piece of shit.

If I have a temp table in a stored proc, it gets confused and doesn't like
it. What a piece of shit.

If I have any output parameters from a stored proc, it cannot use any of
them. What a piece of shit.

If you change your datasource name, it usually doesn't actually change. What
a piece of shit.

Every damn parameter for a stored proc defaults to 'blank' instead of
'null' - Most people put default values in their parameters, but SRS can't
deal with that.  What a piece of shit.

Having to write code (er, uh, 'expressions')  in a little 2"x2" window, WTF
is up with that?  What a piece of shit.

No good docs on this weird-assed format you have to put code in. What the
hell is with all the equal signs in from of everything? Are we using Excel
syntax here or what are we even trying to do here? Documentation blows

I'm stuck now trying to debug about 400 cryptic errors messages that make no
sense. I fucking hate this shit.

Sure, this will probably be a nice product by version 3, but why oh why did
you assholes release such a sucky alpha-level product? A big FUCK YOU to the
dumb management guy who made some bullshit "Let's release it now!!!" without
asking the developers if they thought it was done. Now all the rest of us
get this pile of crap forced on us by management because "it's free!!". I
love to code. C#, VB.NET, they rock. I love that kind of stuff. But because
I know how to do that, they expect I should know and love this crappy
pre-release product.

I'll be sure and tell everyone that it's a shitty failure of a product.
Sure, it might be 'free', but you're going to waste more time and money
trying to get it to work acceptably than you would by just biting the bullet
and getting a real reporting product.

Take this piece of shit off the market till it's ready.
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Comfortably Anonymous
10/26/2005 8:53:55 AM
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Comfortably Anonymous
11/15/2005 10:17:56 AM
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