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I Love Katamari

Once I got through their lame excuse (I think it was designed by transvestite Japanese men or something. I can't quite think of a good term to describe it. Definitely something disturbingly weird about it, almost offensive by the sheer un-coolness of it. Hits you pretty much the same way as seeing a fat, unshaven, middle-aged man wearing lipstick, a dress, and a bad wig... All you can think  is "Ewwww! Why??") for a menu system, the game itself rocked!

I couldn't put it down, finally forced myself away from it at midnight. First time playing it, I grew my Katamari (Apparently the Japanese word for 'clump') from a little 2 centimeter ball that had trouble rolling up paperclips and thumbtacks, to a 6.5 meter ball that I can roll through a ski resort and roll up skiers, snowmobiles, small trees, etc.

It's really bizaare fun, think of making a snowman by starting with a small snowball and rolling it along to make it grow, pretty much the same thing, but add complete insanity to the environment. :)  I guess you keep rolling things up until you can roll up entire continents, and then the game (I think) ends when you get big enough to roll up the sun, but it might also keep going and roll up all the stars as well.

Very weird, but just too fun! The queer background story can go, and a lot of the weird Japanese music as well, but it's really neat. You'll have to try it. I imagine that smoking a lot of pot, or dropping some acid, before playing it, would greatly add to the experience - it's that weird! A definite bizaare classic, as bizaare as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Go out and get it, it's only $30.
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