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Redneck Lights the Furnace

Honey, just leaving this note to let you know that I got the furnace re-lit.

If you smell burnt hair, that's mine.  A bit of a stupid attack, lit the pilot, held in the button until the thermocouple started to glow, turned the main gas valve on but the pilot went out for some reason, but the thermocouple was hot enough to let the main gas release, but it didn't light since the pilot had gone out, so I tried to quickly light the whole thing with a lighter (One of the long fireplace butane lighters) and got fireballed. Furnace gas comes out a lot faster than barbeque gas!

Am missing most of the hair on my right arm, quite a bit missing on my left arm, chest, stomach, eyebrow, even burnt most of the 'baby hair' off my shoulders and back of neck. My head hair got singed pretty much all over, about pulled a Michael Jackson. Have a couple red spots on my hand which sting pretty good, may or may not blister. Other than that I'm OK.

The house is much warmer now.

Am glad I had put on my underwear before lighting it.
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