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VildDjurets Tal 2*3*3*37=666 och 2*2*2*7*11=616 Förklar

The Key to The Numbers of The Beast



2*2*7*11=616 Is The Positive Natural Integer Six(6)

The Holy Numbers of God is Three(3) and Seven(7) accordingly to Moses writings in The Genesis 1600 B.C.

The Number Six(6) is Just Below the Gods Holy Seven(7)

On the other hand Just Above Seven(7) Is the King of Numbers - The Eight(8)

Compare Henry the Eight(8) of England, also Compare 1997 and 1789 The Year of The French Revolution.

It Contains two Prime Factors 89 and 97

Proof or Evidence Can Be Found In The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetics

Look at the folowing numbers:
7*7=49,3*17=51,53,3*19=57,59,61,67,71,73,79,3*3*3*3=81,83,3*29=87,89,7*13=91,97,101,103,107,109,3*37=111,113,2*2*3*13=117,7*17=119 and so the square root of 121 which is Eleven(11)

For Proving if the Numbers up to the power two of Eleven(11) which is 121

It is only neccessary to prove with the Prime Factors:
2,3,5,7 more Practical it is only necessary to prove with the Gods Holy Numbers Three(3) and Seven(7) Accordingly to Moses

Urban Salomon Avierfjard
Gråbo,Visby,Gotland,The Baltic Sea,Sweden

P.S. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetics Sounds like This: "Any Positive Natural Integer can be written as an Product of Prime Factors except for the Individual orders of The Prime Factors"
Prime Factors are Defined as Positive Natural Integers Who can be Divided Even Only By Two Numbers The Number one(1) and the Prime Factor It Self.

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