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Why the Muslim/Christian conflict is inherently ignorant

From a conversation I had with a Muslim:

Muslim: Sorry if I've forgotten, but have we spoken before? Have I mentioned to you I'm Muslim?

I appreciate your sentiments and your yearning for peace and mutual tolerance. However, I disagree that Americans and Muslims/Arabs can be placed on the same plain in terms of the burdens that each should be responsible for. The US is occupying two Muslim countries (Iraq and Palestine) and one by proxy (Palestine). Once the US withdraws from Muslim lands and stops killing and torturing innocent Muslims, we can talk about achieving mutual understanding.


Me: Whatdya mean "Have we spoken before"? We've been communicating every few days for the last few weeks after you got all offended about some dumb joke I posted in Humor. Now you act as if you've never heard of me, and give me some victim trip about how bad things are and how it's all our fault. If your people would quit their constant internecine bickering over the centuries, you'd be strong enough to repulse our idiot-brained attacks on your people. But instead your people are stuck on the unending pointless argument of whose invisible man in the sky is the correct one and the proper interpretation of an ancient book of fairy tales written to keep the primitives in line through fear of a fake boogeyman.

Fuck man, it's all bullshit.

Even funnier, if you trace through the history of all this witch doctor bullshit called Muslim or Christian, you'll find that the words "Allah" and "God" point to the exact same fictitious entity. Killing for religion, something I don't understand. It's stupid, dumbasses superstitious crap. A biological viral meme of insanity that needs to be forgotten.

I don't care if you tell me that you're Muslim or Christian; as soon as you say either one, I mark you down a couple points on the Respectometer for being weak minded and gullible. There ain't no invisible man in the sky, get over it.

We're all doomed to die relatively soon, so let's just let the past go and get along and try to be happy while we're still on the planet.
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