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Welcome to ROTFOH!

Welcome to Raid on the Forest of Horrors!

I've been working on this for several months now, it's not quite finished, but I figured it was ready to release to the world in this limited form for pre-Alpha testing.

Give it a try, and let me know about any bugs, comments, or suggestions you have.

I am currently working on the player interactions routines and feverishly working on finishing everything else with every bit of spare time I can dig up.


Information copied from the instructions:

Back in the mysts of time, around 1983, I wrote a game in BASIC for the Commodore 64 called Raid on the Forest of Horrors (ROTFOH). It was a single-player medaeval dungeon exploration/adventure game. It became quite a hit among my friends. It got translated to TRS-80 Model IV BASIC and the Apple ][.
In the early 1990's I converted it to Turbo Pascal 6.0 running on a 286. (Ah, those were the days!!) I uploaded the source to an Internet BBS (Text/Telnet based - this was before the days of HTML and the WWW) in the Netherlands. From there it went around the world and other programmers worked on it, improving the code, and finally becoming the legendary LINUX operating system. Er, wait, that was not it... :)

After a while I began to see it's influence in other computer games. The hit BBS game Legend of the Red Dragon seems to have copied my interface design and screen colors almost verbatim, but never a word of credit was given in my favor, even when it was brought up to the programmer. But that's OK, I had a great time playing LORD for many years when running my own BBS, Castle Evermore. (Now long gone... :( )

Since then, I have lost the source code TWICE. I lost the original C64 BASIC code around 1988, and lost the Turbo Pascal code about five year ago. Both were complete rewrites from my memory of the game. Thus begins the third complete rewrite, this time to be the first web-based, multi-user version.

Basically the way the game works is you create a character - a doppleganger of your own bad self. Only this time, you can do all the stuff you always wanted to do: Be a magic user, or a fierce warrior, or something else! Your character is searching for the horror contained within the forest. Fighting monsters and raiding the spoils found there!

In the evening, your character returns to town, to relax at the tavern, hanging with the locals, picking up the babes. You can also visit the local merchants where you can buy supplies, weapons, and armor. After that, you can continue training your skills, whether they be fighting, casting spells, dark thaumaturgy, praying and seeking higher enlightenment, or devising the tools of nanotechnology. If you're really bored, you can pick fights with other players!! (But be careful!)
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