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OK, back to coding. I was doing other things for the last three weeks. I was surprised to find out that quite a few people have been heavily playing the game since I last checked in. Cool! :)

Well, the basic framework is done. Now to craft the code the rest of the (currently non-functional) menu items. The multi-player interaction/combat will become my highest priority after a clean up some of the other items this week.

I'm going to keep the hand-drawn graphics just for the home-brewed feel. If anyone is feeling artistic, feel free to send your stuff to (Make it black background and in .png format. No transparencies until we see all the major browsers (IE, Netscape, Opera) support .png transparencies well. Currently only IE has that working right.

Visit the ROTFOH (How to say that? I say Rot-Foe) MessageBase to ask questions and add
suggestions. Ideas are good!

Later, gotta go code!
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