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Nom De Keyboard

Terrorists are hardly an imaginary threat. Currently they're more like a remote threat, rather than blowing up cars and themselves in my neighborhood. That's the way I'd like to keep them.

Would your friend have felt better if we'd made Iraq our 51st state first? Then we would be fighting them on our own territory, rather than that of another country. Either way, the fight would have been exactly the same thing!

Fact: Saddam sponsored terrorism. Among his other acts, was paying rewards to families of suicide bombers who blow themselves up in Israel. That alone is enough to condemn him.

Fact: Terrorism knows no boundaries, nor will being nice to terrorists make them your friends.

Fact: This is a war, and failure to recognize and admit this is the first step to losing it.

Fact: We fight them there, or we fight them here. Your choice. I've already made mine.
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Comfortably Anonymous
4/20/2007 4:50:55 PM
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