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We fight them there or we fight them here?

While it makes for a nice soundbite, it's a complete delusion.

So going over there and fucking with them somehow stops them from coming over here? Are you serious? On the flip side, you're saying if we totally leave them alone, they'll just come over here for the hell of it? Oh yes, the tired old line "they hate our freedoms", right? They are still human, basic human nature is "Don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you." So I don't buy your argument.

What's to stop them from sneaking over here while we're fighting over there? Not much. How many people come through the Mexican border every day? Think the boogeyman terrorists can't make it through there too? Oh, wait, we're fighting them 'over there', so we're all safe here.

Terrorism knows no boundaries, yet we need to fight them over 'there'? I thought it didn't know any boundaries.

We fight them there? What, all disgruntled religious freaks have suddenly moved to Iraq? Well hell, that's nice and overly simplistic. Is the set of 'terrorists' fully encapsulated by 'Iraq'? No? Hmmmm... So not all terrorists are Iraqi? So are all terrorists Arabic? No? Hmmmm.... So all Terrorists are Muslim? No? Hmmm... So all terrorists are human and live on Earth? Yes?

Oh shit! They're here!! They're everywhere? Shit shit shit! Let's run in circles and panic! Agggghhhh! The boogeyman is gonna get me. HolyFuckingShit!

Was that guy in at Virgina Tech an Iraqi? Arabic? Muslim? Human? Well then why didn't our fighting 'over there', stop him from killing 32 people 'over here'? Oh, that's right, you are talking out of your ass, blindly parroting bullshit feel-good nonsense you heard on TV, again, aren't you?

It gives me a migraine headache, thinking down to your level. (In the words of the great prophet, Dave Mustaine)
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