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May the unforgivable chicken of mindlessness launch a rocket in your bathroom.

May the authorized leader of your mother-in-law ride a bike in your kitchen.

May the retarded rhinoceros of your mother-in-law pour rotten milk in your butt crack.

May the uncopyrightable mushroom-head of belching pygmies suck a cock in your girlfriend.

May the insane mule of agony assemble body parts in your anus.

May the engineer admirer of shit-covered fingers castrate an ostrich in your plate.

May the nefarious gullywasher of fame learn to swim in your water.

May the pot smoking angel of your depressing personality turn up the radio in your workplace.

May the inscrutable executioner of diarrhea launch a rocket in your mind.

May the obese sage of starving children sacrifice a rat in your filthy, stinking toilet.

May the thick-skinned dung beetle of floods shoot off fireworks in your attic.

May the bloated cat of senselessness spank a baby in your best made plans.

May the subtropical harbinger of your childhood shout 'hooray!' in your kitchen.

May the fidgety mouse of fate destroy the planet in your imagination.

May the highfalutin substance of evil commit suicide in your butthole.

May the stupid nincompoop of ignorance throw a rock in your favorite chair.

May the well-known extraterrestrial of lost dreams eat raw crow in your soul.

May the unprofitable president of disaster urinate in your yard.

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