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New AC/DC Album

This post is intended specifically, to those individuals who have any negative comments regarding ACDC and the new album. Please, keep the ridiculous ridicule of arguably the "greatest rock band of all time" to yourselves. Furthermore, when referring to a band such as ACDC it is necessary to remember that you're dealing with some of best rock music this side of the ****ing galaxy! Not some "punk rock" whiny bullshit! Not some hardcore "non-sense makin'" metal trash! Not some grungy "dirt ass" depressing alternative shit! And most certainly, not some new mainstream "we will make whatever kind of music sells" mickymouse bullshit! No, you are dealing with the best. A band that has been around for more than 30 years. A band that has released 18+ albums. A band that replaced one of the most unique sounding front men in regards to Bon Scott, only to follow with one of the top selling albums in music history with "Back in Black". People say their music is the same. Personally, show me another band that has "weathered the storm" of trends from a musical and fashionable standpoint better than ACDC. Simply put, the music of this band is timeless. In addition, anyone who believes that the band is too old to continue to make music should consider seeing the band live. I asure you, you will not see wheel chairs on stage or Angus breathing with the aid of an oxygen tank. Instead, you'll see "big ass" 20-35 year old titties bouncing to the beat of "Shook me all Nite Long", "Shot Down in Flames", "Hard as a Rock", and "Whole Lotta Rosie". Meanwhile, a gigantic bell will be sounding the gong of hell as roaring cannons blast the sound out of your ****ing eardrums. Yes people, it is one hell of a show! So once again, to those of you who ridicule the band for 3 or 4 chord riffs and simple drum beats remember this; ACDC will be "3 or 4 chording" their way into the rock n' roll hall of fame while you are still holding your dick and sucking your thumb while listening to whiney pussy bullshit!

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Comfortably Anonymous
5/4/2008 8:04:35 PM
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