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Martian Astrology and Our Earth

Mars in astrology relates to self-interest. In extreme it champions war and violence. In mysticism, Mars is likened to the first chakra and our urge to mate (for continuation of species) as well as our survival actions. Mars is the me-first planet, and it’s counterbalance, Venus, is the we-first planet. She is champion of peace, the arts, diplomacy over war, and all things that build culture.

Our nation, as a world leader, has cleaved to Mars as is seen in its bloated military budget while quite literally, children are left to starve. Inasmuch as life is a shared fabric, a weave that makes each of us a sacred strand, this leaving so many weak persons (poor, aged, diseased) to fend for themselves is proof of a Mars-run society. Darwinian “survival of the fittest” notions suit this model quite well, as does the Calvinistic premise that if you are doing well, you demonstrate God’s blessing, and if not, screw you (i.e. you deserve your pain, oh, sinner!). Thus a policy that clearly disengages from the slightest sign of compassion (the US prison industrial complex, the treatment of “illegal aliens” are other examples) is one that decimates all things sacred unto VEnus.

When we look back over time, it’s clear that those investments in Venus, i.e. famous paintings, cathedral ceilings, fine art and music exceed in value anything left to the savagery of war. The would-be harvest planes of nations now littered in land mines or depleted uranium are another example of this banquet of wastes left as homage to the god of destruction. Nuclear weapons stockpiled when food lots are being used to burn fuel is yet another disgusting example of this sacrilege based on worship of a principle linked to ‘god’ by the Romans who adapted Christianity to suit their own purposes. Evolution of the spirit has been derailed by these beliefs, and they have shaped Western civilization for 2 millennia. So deeply entrenched are these behaviors that social scientists take them for human nature, while philosophers lament that greed/avarice/aggresion are the natural aspects of the human estate. Bah humbug! Margaret Mead showed other models. Many indigenous tribes created more socially balanced models. The collapse of Western civilization based on the trifecta (for US anyway) of massive debt, lack of investment in education/infrastructure, and impact of global warming will indeed intensely alter the big paradigm.

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