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A Few Useless Facts

1. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) was born on and died on days when Halley’s Comet can be seen. During his life he predicted that he would die when it could be seen.


2. US Dollar bills are made out of cotton and linen.


3. The “57″ on the Heinz ketchup bottle represents the number of pickle types the company once had.


4. Americans are responsible for about 1/5 of the world’s garbage annually. On average, that’s 3 pounds a day per person.


5. Giraffes and rats can last longer with out water than camels.


6. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp (marijana) paper.


7. The dot over the letter “i” is called a tittle.


8. The ZIP in ZIP CODE means Zoning Improvement plan.


9. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and does not find a mate.

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