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Parroting the Bible

This message is more about quoting FROM the Bible, rather than a quote or list of quotes. But I think it's still on topic here.

I have noticed a basic frustration with some Christians. They have been the butt of jokes, anger, and impression by others of outright poverty of thought and blatant ignorance on both sides of the atheist and theist camps.

Partially, IMO, this is due to the inability of certain people to have a conversation regarding their belief systems.

When asked a direct question, they can only reply with a copy/paste of scripture, and even when they do try to answer without quotation marks, it is many times a paraphrase of what they have just copy/pasted.

After seeing this entire attitude play out for a while, I am beginning to wonder if the entire message of Jesus has been completely missed and twisted by these people.

IMO, it was the 'attitude' and teachings, the 'way to live', not the exact words that was supposed to be the message.

By simply copy/pasting, or trying to act as if these words are their own, I have seen many times that these people are being accused of trying to 'Play God'.

Did Jesus really mean for people to simply quote Him as witness? Or, as is the case if you actually read His words, were these people supposed to learn from His words, and then apply it to their own lives and understanding?

You see, back in the days of Jesus, very few people could read and the books themselves existed in only a few, handwritten copies. The prophets and apostles would go to crowds and read the scripture to them, and then paraphrase and explain the meanings behind the words.

Today, people can read, and everyone has access to these words, so the reading to crowds and explanations for the illiterate are not necessary. For example, if I said to you, "Mark, 1:40-45", would you know what I was saying and/or at least have the ability to find out without too much effort? Of course you would. So, why all the long lists of words that turn people away?

Is this one of the reasons these people I have mentioned are perceived as ignorant or at best, misinformed?

Do they come across as trying to PERSONIFY themselves AS Jesus, instead of learning from his words? It feels to some of us that when we ask a question of them, they answer by quoting Jesus' words, instead of trying to explain from their own hearts.

How many times have we heard, "I have Jesus within me."?

Do they really, or are they taking the easy way out?

Is it because they are not living the words and understanding them? Is it because they hide within the words in order to not have to do the work that the Early Christians did, which was learn how to APPLY the teachings to their own lives?

So, then, my question is: Is the fundamental copy/paste, exact word of God and I don't have to think about WHAT He wanted us to be, only memorize a bunch of words and I will be saved anyway ATTITUDE killing Jesus as a concept?

More importantly, if many are confused or turned away by the WORDS of Jesus, how does it help them to understand by having the same words and concepts repeated, instead of being given an honest, personal answer?

Is there a reason? Perhaps even that these people do not want you to find a way to understand their god and beliefs?

Will Christianity survive for long if these people continue with their misconstrued message of QUOTE but do not have to ACT or DO as He said?

Just wondering,.

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