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RE: A new book by Lee Iacocca- Remember him?

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I've always thought he was pretty cool for some reason. Respected what I saw him do for Chrysler in the early 1980s. Disappointed when I saw Chrysler sold to a company in another country. Now we see Budweiser sold off too. Chrysler and Budweiser were as American as a company gets. I'd say "American as Apple Pie", but when was the last time you ate a store bought apple pie that was made in the US?


But back to what I meant to reply to: I think he's saying more stuff that needs to be said by more elites like him. Maybe we are seeing the beginning of a major course correction in the direction our country is headed. I think even a lot of the rich people in America are starting to worry about things lately. If someone doesn't step up to the plate quick, then we're taking a serious nosedive, and it's gonna hurt when we hit the ground. Or it will just flat-out kill us as a nation.

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