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The Great War of Genocide... probably what they'll call the war that's coming.

This time, fighting over religion over fictional lines on a continent is considered old school and kinda boring, now it's entire multi-billion strong individual races heading down the path of complete genetic destruction. The stakes are high, some entire Earth Family will be erased. It's really sad actually. We've been able to at least exist with each other for millions of years. Even if we didn't get along – we still were able to share the planet.

Usually our races come to blows over something really ridiculous like some argument two brothers had over 4,000 years ago. Killing people over it? Are you kidding me? No, now the game is fought over food and natural resources. This is endgame. It's gonna take longer than most people expect.

Wave frequencies changing phase.

And it'll keep going, and still the mind-crazen idiots keep it up. Simple evolution will kick in eventually. Only the peaceful ones will survive to breed. Eventually the Angry Ones, as some call them, from ALL our races will be bred out. Or are we devolving? There's a terrible thought. We seem to be getting much less civilized lately. Us Thinking People have been put in check by the Stupids. We must do something to make the world a better place.

One of the most important things is to realize that people need to just calm down and enjoy their short lives. Just need to grow up, in a species sense. In fact, YOU (Yes, YOU) need to wake up immediately. We're all having a really bad dream, that we're forever stuck in. You cannot escape, but YOU can interact with this dream. But you have to wake up inside that dream, and shift its course so that we instead use all the wonderful knowledge and technology we have at our disposal to make the world a better place.

Hey rich guys, you've won the game. We're losing. Instead of just ending the game and saying you win, the game continues. The loser gets to change one minor rule of the game. This time, we're changing the rule of how you keep score with your buddies. This time, brag about how much better you've made things for the people in your “dominion”. We're talking about a roller coaster in every child's back yard here! Free ice cream on Tuesdays. Stuff like that, make it so everybody lives in a perfect dreamland.

No, that's not what we're asking for. We are just asking you to brag about how many people you've made sure are fully educated in physics and science. Don't even worry about math. Think about it, if you just made sure (in a positive uplifting way, not in some negative authoritarian way.) that they love and understand the basic physics of the world around them, how much society as a whole will improve.

There isn't a single argument that holds up against the idea that there is simply no reason on this planet for a single child to grow up anywhere on this planet without basic food, clean water, education, or to have to live in a house without a roof, or a hut, or on the streets.

If the children grow up to be lazy, that's their problem. But make sure they're actually lazy, and not that they've just given up thinking the game's too rigged.

Make people able to exist without scrabbing the leftovers. The only way to learn "muscle memory" is to exercise your muscles. Give them an ability to try to see that they can lift themselves up. Give them a third-dimensional perspective on their lives. But quit making their decisions for them. Quit recording them. Quit treating them like slaves and that they are no different from you, except you've worked hard and have been lucky enough to have been rewarded for your efforts. Not everyone gets so lucky.

That was a pretty strange meandering rant. Do you remember how it started? About the great war of genocide? I can't believe you are still reading this. Now wake up. Get up and do something good for the world. The bad dream will be over, and a better dream will result. It's time to wake up now. Git erdone.

I'm pretty much done typing here. You should stop reading now. You're still reading. You need to stop immediately. Why are you still reading? Get up and do something good. You will have to make your own decision to stop, cause I can keep typing stuff as long as you keep reading. See, still reading. You just don't know when to knock it off. I'm laughing at you right now. I asked you to stop reading. You're still doing it out of imbecilic rudeness. You are very rude. OK, fine. I'll just start writing stupid boring stuff until you cease your impropriety. There was a cat, and it slept on the desk. And it continued to sleep on the desk. Yep, it just kept on sleeping for a long time. And you're STILL reading. But you aren't anymore.


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