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What is the point of Playstation Home?

A bunch of my friends are totally impressed with this new Playstation Home for the PS3. But I don't get it.

Luckily, from what I've seen from other people, I was able to get logged in after my second attempt. But, I walked around, checked out a few things, even played a (winning!) game of bowling. (No thanks to fambizz who quit on the 10th frame cause I was beating him!) But maybe I'm too stupid. I just don't get what the point is.

Some people are really into this idea. Obviously even some good friends of mine are into it and look at me funny when I say "Uh, so what?" about it. But what's the point? You walk around and can play some lame games (I'll tell you, Wii Sports Bowling is a lot more entertaining then the "Can I mash the button at the right moment?" bowling on PSHome. But beyond this, I just don't get the point. Then again, I didn't really "get" Club Caribe back in the day either (Same concept through QLink, an online service back in the early 1890's for the Commodore 64), which this seems to be an exact clone, with better graphics.

I guess it's great for nerds with no social life, and no girlfriends, but other than that, why would I use the thing?

So, maybe I'm too old, so I'll turn this over to my five year old, Benny. Let's see what he has to say about this:

I asked him if it was fun. He looked at me curious and said, "No, it's not fun. It's boring with bowling on there."

Benny, Why do you think it would be fun for other people? "I don't know. Because it's hard."

I asked if he has anything to say to other people about it, and he said "It's just tired and boring and dumb."

Next thing he said was, "Daddy, can you come downstairs now and help me with my game on the Wii?"

He'd already disconnected the PS3 and plugged in the Wii while I was typing this.

Hmmm. Fails the 40-year-old test and the 5-year-old test.  We both don't get it.

On last time: Benny, do you get the point of that PS3 game? "Yes, that's boring. And it's dumb too."

I guess that pretty much wraps it up for us...

Benny wants to add: "It's stupid." :)

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Comfortably Anonymous
12/17/2008 8:07:59 AM
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