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This is why history education in schools is an abomination. They school books have been censored so bad and tailored to political agendas that people with a proper education find none of this surprising.

Go to a rural public library and find some history books published pre-1960s. Look at the fall of Rome, the French Revolution, War of American Independence, the Civil War, and for those that were around the fall of the Russian Empire, Rise of the Soviets, and the fall of the Soviet Union.

Every government, from my recollection, as it falls goings through several key phases:

Looking back I can see this same pattern over and over and over and over again. No surprises. For us Americans, if you can find real history books, look at what caused the Civil War. Sadly now my nieces textbooks say it was about slavery but I still have all mine that talked about the economy, private property law, political backstabbing, foreign pressures. Hell my old American History book had 18 chapters on the Civil War at over 900+ pages. My 18 year old niece has 1 chapter in her book at a whopping 8 pages and the whole books is only 400 pages long. Never once in her book do they mention England or France, the word Carpetbagger isn't even in her book and Grant and Lee are mentioned ONCE in a single sentence. 8 pages, 6 of which are about Abe, 1 on slavery, and 1 of Q&A. Her book doesn't even go into the Reconstruction Era. So much for public education having worth. I was lucky enough to go to private school until high school where I found the same textbooks in use we used in the 7th grade they were using for seniors. Appalling standards where they administration was more concerned about getting funding for the football program then educating students.

A firm understanding of history means fewer surprises in the future.

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