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RE: HOWTO: Destroy a Democracy

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That's some scary stuff there, Bob.

What else can ya tell us? Will we all die? Shouldn't we lay down on the floor or place paper bags over our heads, or something like that?

Or, on the other hand - is it inevitable? Is this cyclic destruction something we can stop? If not, is it better to try to get the unavoidable interregnum over and done as soon as possible and not delay the inevitable?

Assuming we can find a way to accellerate it, that is.

Or maybe that's what "they" are already doing which would explain America's pointless decline and the rapid spread of globalization the effect of the "acceleration process"?

We still haven't had our first large-scale, truly worldwide dictator that will inevitably appear eventually with the advances in telepathy, er, telecommunications, that our race has experienced over the last century. The next dictator is going to have the potential to be the worst dictator our world has ever seen because of that.

Yep, that's some scary stuff there, Bob.

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