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Teaching Childhood Ethics thru Poetry: Alone in the House

Alone in the house sat young Petie and Jane
a brother and sister inside from the rain
They lounged on the couch and commenced to complain
"What shall we do? This is all such a pain!"

Their mother walked in and proceeded to snap:
"Your whining is waking me up from my nap!
Get upstairs right now and find something to do
Or else I'll find some chores designed just for you!"

Up the wood stairs did young Pete and Jane scamper
Their spirits with each step grew damper and damper
"This sucks," muttered Petie. "This blows," agreed Jane
"I hate being stuck in this house when it rains."

They stomped down the hall and paused at Petie's door
Young Jane traced a square with her toe on the floor
She gave Petie a smile and proceeded to say:
"I know a game that I think we could play."

Into Pete's cluttered room did the duo then creep
Jane eased shut the door to preserve their mom's sleep
She smiled at young Petie with devilish eyes
"Have you ever played zoo?" Petie blinked in surprise.

"How does that go?" he asked in a bewildered voice
Jane said to her brother: "I can give you a choice.
I'll be the keeper and you be the monkey,
Or flip it and I can be something more funky."

"More funky?" asked Petie. "But what are you saying?
I'm not understanding this game we'd be playing."
Jane sighed and sat down on the bed by the heater.
Said, "Boys have their monkeys and girls have their beavers."

"Monkeys and beavers? But what do you mean?
Are we just pretending to act out a scene?"
"Not pretending," Jane said. "Just pull down your pants.
And I'll pull down mine and we'll both have a chance."

But Petie was stubborn. "A chance to do what?
I don't want to look at your bare naked butt.
You're my sister. That's gross. It's disgusting and rude.
Mom would be mad if we spent our time nude."

But Jane was not listening. She unfastened her skirt.
She pulled down her panties and pulled up her shirt.
Petie stared at the sight with his mouth hanging wide.
"Your turn," Janie said, and lay down on her side.

In a flash Pete was naked. He lay down on the bed.
He had such strange thoughts running all through his head.
"What do we do now?" he asked with a shiver.
"It's simple," said Jane, as she slid herself nearer.

"You're just a bad monkey who needs a good spanking
And my beaver's been naughty and needs a good beating.
Look, this is how. D you see how I do it?
It's fun, don't you think? See, nothing to it."

They lay a long time as if gripped in a fever
Spanking their monkey and beating their beaver
The rain slapped the window like stones on a drum
But their rainy day had become so much fun.

When suddenly, a crash! Petie's door slammed wide open.
In the doorway stood Mom, her sleep had been broken.
She gave out a cry and a wail and a moan.
"What is the meaning of this?" she intoned.

"We're just playing!" said Jane. "It's a game!" cried out Petie.
But Mom wasn't hearing their heart-felt entreaties.
She watched them get dressed and sent Jane to her room:
"When your father comes home it will surely be doom!"

But far worse was in store for these children than their dad
Their fates had been sealed by their being so bad
By day's end our young Pete had gone totally blind
And poor Jane, pregnant, had lost all of her mind.

So be warned, young girls and excitable boys.
Do not treat your bodies like rainy day toys.
If you spank on your monkey or beat on your beaver
Do not be surprised by the price of The Reaper.

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