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Middle Class Anger Building to Critical Mass

There is an anger building that I haven't heard since I listened to old timers talk about the Great Depression--and how the banks, Wall Street, big corporations and the politicians all conspired to destroy the working class in the 1930s.

I was born a few years after the Great Depression ended, but I still remember the look in the eyes of the farmers who lost their farms in the 1930s. They felt, and rightly so, that their own government had deliberately allowed the wealthy classes to declare war on the middle and lower classes. Their own government had conspired to take away everything they owned, leaving many of them wandering across the Midwest searching for shelter and something to eat. Meanwhile, their farms were gobbled up by banks and Wall Street speculators.

I believe we have reached that point again, and it is time to look for political leadership outside of the two major parties. Most of what we see in Washington, D.C, is political theater, an attempt to divide working class Americans so they throw stones at one another (liberals versus conservatives, union workers versus non-union workers, etc.). It's the old divide and conquer strategy, promoted by both the politicians and the mass media, and it has worked marvelously for those who benefit from a divided lower- and middle-class.

When average Americans stop pointing their fingers at others in their socio-economic class who are also struggling, and start pointing their fingers at the big corporations and their political lackeys in both parties, we might be able to turn this thing around. But first average Americans must overcome the superficial differences that keep them divided.

I believe the anger is building, and I think it is a good thing. It may very well be the one thing that forces average Americans to stop fighting among themselves and finally unite against a common enemy with an insatiable greed that seeks to destroy everything below itself in the economic food chain.

The poor and the middle class fought back in the 1930s, and they can do it again. The anger has created the foundation for a true populist revolt. It won't take much of a catalyst to get it started.

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12/11/2009 4:31:35 PM
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