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Back online

After many years, the server I've been using finally fried out. But then again, it's been plugged in and running for most of the past eight years, so it really was a great machine. (A moment of silence for our lost server, Zeppelin. It was a good machine, who served us well. It will be missed.)

So I've had to rebuild everything from backup and split the load out amongst two servers for now (Using old Pentium III desktop machines for now until I can afford another real server.) and it seems to be performing excellently for a couple of older servers! :)

Nice thing as well was I hadn't been updating the code for a while either, and had to make some changes to the code, since back when I originally wrote MessageBase 3 I was a bit stupid and hard-coded the server names instead of using a config file. And the code I had checked into source control would not build, so had to spend some time getting the code to build. But now that means I have a working codebase and can now start working on the additions and rewrites I've been planning to do to MessageBase for quite some time.

So we're back online, now all we need are more people using the site, so tell all your friends! :)

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