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Modern Day Church Services

So-called "Free Market Capitalism" (the big lie) is the state religion of the United States of Global Domination. The corporations are the un-physical body of the their God. Money is their form of prayer. "It's the economy" is one of their favorite refrains by the choir.

Equal access to justice and any semblance of democracy is anathema to this religion which worships monetary profit and mind-numbing compliance. It is no different than any other corrupt religion with dreams of UNIVERSAL domination.

Its greatest fraudulent deceit is in its invocation of that which it least represents and most desperately despises. Freedom.

The "congregation sings "Security, security, security" as the rattle of their self-applied chains and shackles pulse a rhythm. Meanwhile, the acolyte media shiver in an orgiastic frenzy of distraction as the "minister" decries the EVIL as ever-growing outside.

The "high-point" of this ceremony of submission is when the congregation files forward toward the altar, which is resplendent with phallic weaponry, in the deepest of passionate devotion, to offer themselves, or at least their offspring, to be PROUDLY sacrificed in an effort to make more room in the church for the ever-growing altar.

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1/22/2010 12:48:45 PM
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