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RE: Modern Day Church Services

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Welcome to the New Dark Ages.

Welcome to the New Fascism.

Witness the birth of the Corporate States of America.

Now the average American will be able to see and experience first hand what the rest of the world already knows as hard, cruel fact. You will experience need, poverty, privation, brutality and repression in the name of the almighty dollar. And you will have brought it on yourselves.

You have mid-term election coming up very quickly. Those elected will be the first round of politicians bought outright, right in public for all to see. No more hiding behind lobbyists and special interest groups.

The 'elections' in 2012 won't even bother to be anything more than mummery and charade. The Corporations choice, probably Palin, will be rammed down your throats with pretty packaging and PR.

And the really sad fact will be the vast majority of Americans will still think they had a 'choice'.

Your country became a Corporate led Fascist Dictatorship in November of 2000. The fraudulent 'election' of George W. Bush was the death of democracy for you.

Obama has led you by the nose into an ever tightening police state.

And now those who have the least interest in keeping you alive will control the very quality of those lives.

You loosed this beast upon the world.

Time for you to live with the consequences.

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