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Why Are Americans Ignoring Government Corruption?

People don’t seem to want to talk about the elephant in the room and deal with the real problem of corruption within our government. Until we have real election campaign reform where we take the private money out of the equation than we will continue to have the same ole same ole and this country will go off the cliff of no return. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones who really suffer because this country will be so bankrupted that they will not be able to work themselves and their future families out of the debt we are leaving them.

Yes, there is denial. There continues to be denial by those in our government that we need to find a way to live within our means and not continue to borrow money that we can’t pay back. We need to get out of debt and not continue to add more debt to the backs of our children to pay for Wall Street to continue to do what they have been doing. We need to cut spending and not continue to increase spending and not worry about the effects that await our children and grandchildren.

We need a government who will be honest with the American people and not a government who continues to LIE. We need men and women with backbone to serve in public office and government who will not do as they are told by those holding the strings. We need men and women with the courage to tell the truth and fight for real election campaign reform that takes all private money out of the equation and candidates each get the same amount of public money to work with. Media has to start allowing candidates free and equal air time. If the airways belong to the people than during elections all candidates should receive equal and free airtime.

No, I don’t hold much hope that we will see people in government working to find real solutions. I think alot of people don’t hold out much hope that future generations of America are going to have a good quality life. Yet, just because the odds are against us doesn’t mean we stop trying or stop fighting.

The question is what do we do as people who see this nation we love falling off the cliff toward its own destruction? We can see it happening and we try and stop it, but it just seems that no one is listening to our warnings and closer and closer we get to the edge of the steep cliff. Do we pretend like so many people are doing that the problems are not as severe as they really are? Do we pretend that our continued spending at the rate we are spending is really helping us dig out of this hole of debt we are in? How can we look at children today and not make the tough choice of doing the right thing for their future?

Both parties are a big part of the problem. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and working together as one government to find a way to deal with the problem; we have men and women who feel it is more important to be right than to do the right thing. I would hope that Progressives are waking up to the truth that it is better to vote third party and join a true Progressive party like the Green Party than to continue to believe that the Democratic party is going to be a true Progressive party. To many of us Progressives to still believe that the solution is to be found in the Democratic party is the same thing as believing in the easter bunny at the age of 50. Yes, when we were kids and Easter morning came and the easter baskets of candy and other good things our parents told us it came from the easter bunny. At some point we as kids learned the truth that there was no real easter bunny but our parents were the ones who bought the easter baskets.

I don’t know if people will come out of their denial. Sometimes I feel like the United States is the Titanic and I am one of the few who are trying to get people to life boats in time; while others are sitting on the deck drinking their ice tea and pretending that nothing is wrong and we aren’t sinking. How do we wake people up and get them to the point of deciding to start going to the life boat? How do we get people who are in denial to embrace the truth and start fighting to save the ship from sinking?

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