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Oil Volcano

Its not funny bro! Do you know how many people there are down there? And crocodiles too. Crocodiles could go extinct, bro! All because of mankind being assholes. What if crocodiles are like the keystone on the food chain that has been keeping the genetically modified mutant corn at bay?

You won't be laughing in October, when Illinois transforms into thousands of acres of walking, slavering corn plant monsters bent on the destruction of humanity. No. You'll be too busy running for your life, and wishing to God you'd made preparations when that guy on the internet told you all this shiat was coming down.

But you won't have listened, and you and your family will die bro. First little Aiden, because he's only 3 and can't run very fast, then pubescent Brittany, lured by text messages to her doom, then your wife, torn from your arms in an ambush and devoured nosily as you fled, crying.

All because you didn't listen to that guy on the internet.

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