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Yet Another 9/11 Conspiracy

You know what's really weird: Divide 9 by 11

The answer is 0.8181818181818181818181818181818[repeating endlessly but I cannot remember the proper way to indicate that these days :( ], which is known as an "irrational" number. In other words: It's all made up, it's not real.

And, if you've read this far without quitting in disgust, you might expect some proof.

I agree with that; and my reasoning is that the 8th letter of the alphabet is 'H', and the first letter of the alphabet is 'A'.

LOL WUT you say, thinking to yourself that this guy is a moron, he didn't even put the numbers in order. But give me one more sentence to spell it out:

Consider what happens when you take that answer and replace the character '8' with the letter 'H', and the character '1' with the letter 'A', you get:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - And not just "HAHA" but never-ending laughter.

[Does my use of the ':' count as the end of a sentence, or just a continuation?]

Tell me that's just a coincidence. Nah, I myself see that as definitive proof of the malevolence of those who planned the attack. They threw that in just cause they could, just to make it seem even more unbelievable. After all, it's just one more lie.

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7/15/2010 3:32:45 PM
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