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What IS the future of mankind?

We are controlled in lockstep by the invisible forcefield of the unlikely concept of wealth.

Just think of all the ways the evolution of a sentient species could have turned out rather than boring humans and their sort sighted ideas of global conquest. Thanks to this we are now stuck in a rut as a species, chasing an illusion of greed.

The next evolutional step for the human race will not come until someone invents a wholly new concept that provides for the entire society in a mind-changingly, concept bendingly better way.

It's pretty much a stalemate for our race at this point, it seems. Either that, or it's at an End Game stage with hyperintelligent monkeys with ridiculously overpowered weapons just standing on this small round battlefield we share, steely gazes locked together as they contemplate the final battle. [Or perhaps we're all just on our way back to savagery because we've all been fooled that the best is yet to come, no matter what you believe because none of us can face the thought that our best days both as individuals and as an entire race, are already behind us all.]

// Tune in for our next episode to see if the loveably confused human race escapes from it's predicament!

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