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Mortgage Post from 2007 - This is going on too long

Dear Lender:

Our household has not been immune from this 'economy thing' and, as a result, our mortgage check will be somewhat delayed. Our financial resources have finally dwindled to the point where our ability to make payment is affected. Our living expenses have been cut back to the basics and we're still cash short to cover the mortgage payment, which is our largest expense next to taxes. We will resume paying the mortgage when our financial situation improves. It's not like we haven't been trying. It has been and continues to be very frustrating.

You may decide to proceed with eviction. Before doing so, you should know that we consider the dwelling our home and home is very important to us. Since those events that control the economy are way beyond our control, we don't plan to suffer disproportionately for something that's not entirely our fault, and since there is no safe haven from this 'economic thing', we prefer to stay in our home until whenever. You have the power to initiate or to not initiate the use of legal force that will be required to remove us from our home. Should you initiate the use of force or harassment, at whatever level, you will share proportionately. Friends who share our outlook and temperament are aware of our situation. The level of escalation is your call.

Please don't take this personally, these are just business risks that the bank must have, or should have, considered when investing in people's homes. The business climate has certainly changed.

There's no place like home.

Sincerely yours,


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