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HOWTO: Sell a Lot of Beef in Summer 2011

As someone who grew up surrounded by cows and corn in the middle of Nebraska, I'm getting a kick out of this. (But not enjoying news of this cartelian censorship.)

This is a PERFECT 'free market' example that easily ends up on the side of the corn farmer people:

1) Cows evolved eating simple grasses and not corn per se.

2) Cows like eating corn more than they like eating grass.

3) Cows that are grass fed do not taste as good as cows that are corn fed. (Grass fed tastes just a little 'gamy'. If you've ever eaten deer, you know the gamy taste.) For a nation raised on corn-fed McBurgers, grass fed just aint the same. (My point got long, sorry)

4) Do it like the Pepsi Challenge/Cola Wars of the 1980s: Get set up with some of the big box grocery stores (Or for total grass roots - hit the small grocery stores that could really use some help in this economy.) and set up tasting booths outside the entrance comparing the taste of [free] samples of steak grilled right in front of people. Get people excited about it. (Just remember not to keep the challenge going so long that people get sick of it like they did with the Cola Wars.)

Pure free-market economics. Both sides win short term, as it's going to sell a lot of both grass-fed and corn-fed.

And, just like the outcome of the cola wars, neither side really won. But the corn growers won - that was the same time that both companies switched from cane sugar to High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Corn guys will probably win just fine on taste alone. And the grass-fed guys will sell a lot more steak for a while. A win-win situation.

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