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Water Thieving Bums are Taking Over West Omaha!

I have a lady that lives across the street from me RIGHT NOW and has been without water for months now and when I call and report the child living in filth there, they just told me that it is not illegal for her to not have water.

This lady has her live in boyfriend take 5 gallon buckets of water from my house and my neighbors while we are at work during the daytime and my son was home from school one day and seen him walking up my drive way to steal my water. I called the city and had all the water lines leading to the outside of my house shut off completely.

Child Protective Services has been to this womans house quite frequently and they keep the 2 year old in the home. She goes around the neighborhood begging for money to buy the child diapers but use the money for drugs so myself and the neighbors stop giving her help.

CPS is a BIG JOKE!!!

They dont care until it is too late or the family makes the news. I also received a $400 water bill that verified they had been stealing my water!

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Comfortably Anonymous
6/27/2011 8:26:05 PM
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Comfortably Anonymous
6/27/2011 9:05:21 PM
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Comfortably Anonymous
6/27/2011 10:23:43 PM
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