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The American Party

I'm not a Dem, I'm not a Rep; I am a middle-middle-class American who is really concerned about the state of affairs, and I can't tell what kind of game is being played right now, but both sides seem dishonest.

America's in trouble guys, and this "Go Team" mentality needs to stop immediately, this is not a Husker game. It's all tilted into an environment where only the big, big, big world-wide companies, and the big, big, big worldwide rich guys are thriving (Better than they've ever been) and have tilted the playing field so sharply in their favor that it's sucked in the poor and the middle class like a storm drain, and now it's sucking America the Country into it.

We need to start a party for the "normals" amongst us - we don't demand to be rich, just paid fairly for our work, which we're willing to do.

But they've made it all about the bottom line and the MBAs instead of the creators, the architects, the guy on the work floor that really knows how everything works. It just breeds an asinine future based on eternally expanding and making the highest profit you can.

Nothing's wrong with making a profit, but when they concentrate on only maximizing profit, to the point where there is a glut of human energy in this country, going un-used and wasted, then there is something broken in their efficiency calculations, isn't there?

Market inefficiencies are a problem.

The missing currency feedback loop is leading to a great inefficiency in the United States, causing a huge vaccuum in the system that is going to do something unexpected. Employ the Americans, certainly don't give tax breaks to companies that move jobs overseas, that only encourages it. Just think, you're borrowing money to pay for big tax breaks for big companies, to take your job away from you and your family. And it looks like it's going to get far worse before it gets better.

But we have to stick together and work for it, not have huge public fights about who's "team" has the whole thing wrong. They've both got it all wrong.

Pay people, and pay them adequately, and those people get out and spend that money, and then the rich people have a more exciting "grab all the money" game to play, since there's more money circulating, there's more action.

But right now, effectively someone has almost won the game. The game has gotten to the boring stage, like the last hour of a Monopoly game when you just slowly lose all your houses and hotels and properties, minute by minute. You know the game's over, but your one of those crappy winners that insists on playing the game till the end

Lots of times in this situation, we just declare a winner (Say some 'woohoo' speech to them to make them feel big), then reshuffle the cards and start the game over, because the beginning is much more fun.

But it's not a game, it's everyone, but still, it is a game.

Do the best you can to make it a better world.

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