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Windows XP: Completely dead 1,000 days from now.

Wow, that was quick. 

I can remember back before it came out, after reading about it on slashdot, and telling my mom about the ridiculous new name for the next version of Windows  (I thought the name sounded goofy when I first heard it.), "Can you believe it, Microsoft is going to call the new version 'Windows XP'?" She looked really surprised and kind of offended by what I'd just said. A more severe reaction that I had expected: "They'd never call it that, why would you even say that?".

I was completely confused at first, then realized she'd thought I said "Window-Sex Pee". Had to quickly explain that one.

What was that, why did they name it that? Was it supposed to be some subliminal advertising to make you associate the new version of Windows with some exotic exhibitionist routine?

Very strange, glad they went back to numbers with Windows 7.





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