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RE: What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?

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Bring up some defensible conservative positions that are actually being proposed by the Republicans currently, and we can.

The problem is that, right now, in order to be conservative, you have to be Pro-corporation and you practically have to be proto-fascist. The continual demonizing of those who disagree, the violent rhetoric, the absolutist nature of your talking points.... it leaves no room for discussion or debate.

Your comment surmises that so eloquently that I don't think you even begin to understand how... the dismissive tone towards the whole article without so much as an actual word put towards addressing the issue, the homosexual jeer towards "liberals" (another word you seem to spit with as much venom as I might 'rapist') and you see WHY no one bothers to try an humor the Conservatives anymore. You aren't open to discussion, you aren't open be debate, you are ONLY open to being acknowledged as absolutely correct. Short of that, it's a "liberal circle jerk" as you like to call it.

So you are the reason, you and those like you who spew hate and intolerance in the name of your religion... and that is what your political perspective has become, you worship at the altar of power and wealth, kow-towing to those most psychotic among you because they make the most "profit", regardless of the human cost. You and those like you who scream about "freedom" when the cost is swaths of desolation in our own country, be it after Katarina or in Joplin, MI. That there is no more profit to be had means that the efforts to help have stopped. That is what you would reduce us to, that is what you and yours claim as the highest ideal. You and yours are the Money-Changers... you are the ones who think you keep to the letter of law while you violate the spirit of it

That's why do what we do, because after decades and decades of vitriol and malice and empty morals, we are damn well tired of it. You, who sucks upon the teet of the Corporatocracy, are too blind to see the class erosion happening around you, for the direct benefit of those you defend. Those with the money, the power and the infulence, who can change the law to suit there whims (and have been doing so now for decades) use you and your snide little comments as a defense against what is... a Class War that "We the People" have been losing since the 1930's. Most of us are catching on to the false narrative, and while that isn't translating yet into the Mass Media Machine... the Machine is growing more disconnected with reality (as evidenced by articles like this).

You wish to defend the privilege of the elite through scorn, insult and detriment, while bemoaning a loss of civil debate. I am not a Christian, but I have studied my bible enough to know that there is a famous parable about not commenting on the mote in your brothers' eye while there is a beam in yours. I would suggest that you meditate upon those wise words before spewing your malice here, or anywhere.

/Tired of not speaking my mind
//That was a general rant at every Ditto-head and Murdoch defender out there.

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