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The United States Can't Handle Competition

Because we live in a nation that really hates competition.

We want to really encourage growth? We need to encourage the growth of smaller businesses, and entrepreneurs at a local level. We need to help folks invest in local businesses that aren't going to ship jobs overseas. We need to encourage folks who are going to use local businesses and not just their own distro nets. We need to encourage webs of businesses, as opposed to just large corporations that employ only a small percentage of the population, and who ship cash out of local economies, and then invest that cash outside their communities.

We need to increase competition. We need to increase the small businesses who will grow into larger. Whose practices will force larger players to become more competitive in response to challenges. We need to put more faith in our local businesses, who will put pressure on larger businesses to become more creative in their business practices, not just in their methods for lobbying to prevent competition, which is what we have now.

We are encouraging monopolies, and that is not good capitalism. It encourages sloth and lax business practice, as well as waste and cronyism, and encourages corruption. We need more competition, and that is something that we don't see a lot of pols supporting at this point, and more's the pity.

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