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Why OWS Hates the 1%

Not to mention there is a good reason for the hatred directed at the 1%. What we have in the USA is a system so corrupted by money the ones at the top literally have a "heads I win, tails you lose" situation where it is damned near impossible for them NOT to become ever richer and more powerful.

You have their lobbyists directly writing the tax laws so you get situations like GE that got several billion BACK instead of paying taxes, even while they were offshoring good jobs to India as fast as they could close the plants (we lost 21,000 FACTORIES in just the last decade folks, anybody think that level of gutting is sustainable?) and corps like Google get to pay a pittance compared to profits thanks to the Double dutch and Irish tax scam, aka the Irish whip, you have those at the top able to use Wall street like Las Vegas and then if they lose are able to get the house in the form of the government give them the money (your money) back in the form of "too big to fail", budgets are written with the "help" of those who are getting the money, hell I could go on all day.

The American people say they want an end to the wars and they ignore you, say they don't want kids lives ruined by being thrown in prison for pot and they ignore you, say we don't want to send billions overseas in the form of government handouts when so many of our people are hurting and they ignore you, write petitions spelling out clearly what we want and they ignore you, tell them we want the top 1% to actually pay their fair share instead of getting more tax dodges codified and they ignore you, say we want the money being handed to illegals stopped and our border secured and they ignore you.

Wise men once stood up against taxation without representation and fought and gained a nation for themselves. Well what do you think you have now folks? When even Colbert makes jokes about how you "need to stop smoking wacky tobaccky and give that money to a super packy" so you can bribe your own elected officials just like the corporations do, well what the hell is the difference between us and any third world banana republic? your vote certainly don't mean shit as they simply replace one bribed crook with another, thanks to the ownership of the MSM by only 7 multinationals your protests won't be heard or will be made to look like fools, so what is the difference?

It is THIS that the OWS movement is about although frankly i don't think it will work. i think the only way to fix a truly corrupted system is to replace and when the 1% have gutted this country enough and we are looking at Germany 32 levels of unemployment while the right wing guts every safety net they can we'll be looking at our very own Arab Spring. Well it was nice while it lasted but nothing lasts forever and the elite 1% have taken a big old shit in the punchbowl that is democracy, no point in trying to dip around it, time to throw it out and start again.

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