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Modern Spies: Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo

I don't want any form of computer or electronic device, connected in any form to the Internet and is listening to me all of the time, in my home.

We've already seen how easy it is for even a 13 year old kid to hack into our computers, for advertisers to pick out our shopping habits and target us with unwanted spam or select advertising to hover in websites we visit. Others plant spyware on our systems or malware.

You already know the government is listening just in case you're a perv, a dissident, a criminal or just some irritable bastige who pi$$ed off some minor government official.

You cell phones can be tapped into by the cops and give up your location, records of you e-mails, texts and records of your conversations. Some can be turned on remotely unless you pull the freakin batteries. Plus, now you can link security systems to your phones and computers, meaning there are two more ways for your private areas and activities to be spied on.

We've already reports of people hacking into baby monitors and seeing into kids rooms and some using the speakers to talk to them. Wifi can easily be hijacked and a lot of your home stuff will probably run on it.

If you create an 'intelligent' house connected to the global internet, you're just begging about 20 federal agencies to lurk i9n your walls and hackers to line up by the scores to plunder your codes, bank accounts and see what your 14 year old daughter likes to wear to bed.

I don't suppose you recall that expose where hackers found ways to turn on laptop-built in cameras and microphones without you knowing and happily watch and record what you were doing in the privacy of your home.

How many businesses have been ripped off for their consumer data? Ever gotten spam from YOURSELF? How about a phone call from yourself also? There's a major business in identity theft. Now with cheaper drones available to the public, complete with audio and video attachments, you can be spied on from the air. I have no doubt that someone has fitted night vision to those things already.

Better buy thicker curtains for your windows.

Everything flows in data streams and we already know how some 9 year old can learn how to peep in on them.

Know those cars with computer locks and codes? There's already devices out there among car thieves that can crack most of them quickly. You're better off putting two of those metal boots on your car to keep it safe.

So, I think it's rather dumb to have a device in your home, constantly listening for you to call its name -- and you not having any idea who else might be listening along with it. Not unless it is hardwired into your home and has no way to access the internet nor any phone lines nor wifi.

BTW. Cable companies can now pulse your home to see if you have any 'illegal' cable boxes plugged in. Some can send a second pulse that can overwhelm the boxes circuits and burn them out.

Oh, for you that do have any of these things, pleasant dreams tonight.

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