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Pete Ricketts should give up on social conservatism

Reply to an article on KETV:

Petey, better not kill daddy's namesake, TD Ameritrade Stadium.

But we know you are daddy's puppet, trying to help daddy's Platte Institute turn Nebraska into a theocracy.

You bible thumpers are getting desperate and irrelevant. The big J ain't come back, it's been 2000 years and no show,

Wake up, I once believed as you. I remember my christian church school back in the 1970s telling us how lucky us kids were that the rapture would occur before we grew up. I believed it. Didn't happen, but sure taught me that we don't have to care about anything since it's all over soon. I was a lost soul til I realized we are all on our own and nobody's gonna save us.

Give up on this socially conservative mindset, you've got an actual state to run. The world has changed, get used to it.

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