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More unChristian selfishness from Pete Ricketts.

Well, was not allowed to post in reply to your drivel at Seems quite typical for your selfish posts, usually I get blocked so post here instead.What I tried to reply to your selfish, rich boy, anti-Nebraskan point of view was:

Nah. I've been lucky enough to be in the top 2% in Nebraska and I'm fine with my property taxes. All this means is sales taxes go up, which hurts my poor friends more than it helps me. This is a pathetic outlook on life Mr Ricketts. I knew you were fake when I met you at the Ameritrade Christmas party at SAC museum back in the day. I know you remember that one, you got charged extra for the cleanup of all the vomit in the bathrooms. You just want your 0.001% buddies to get richer. Sad. Be a Christian already.You are so out of touch. You make me sick, Mr born on Third Base and thinks he hit a triple...

I had to climb from living in a trailer park to where I am now. What have you done rather than fall out of the right vagina? Go back to Chicago and let us Nebraskans live our lives in peace without your kind sucking from our difficult struggles.

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