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Is God Evil?

The God of the Bible is a genocidal asshole who created a flawed and degraded world of reduced resources and pain, yet he refuses to do anything beyond punish its population for not kowtowing to him in worship. In the Christian Bible he has to send a portion of himself, rendered physical, as a way of teaching the humans of his creation to love him better, and possibly love themselves. Yet his powers are so reduced this god-thing mostly fails in his mission and has to die to sacrifice himself to gain attention.

We have a God who has created a horrifying environment, but is so malevolent and arid that he refuses to actually fix any of it, or at least take the blame.

The hero of the Christian mythology is Lucifer/Satan (I know there are differences). He is the one who recognized what a disgraceful mess God's creation was and, in an effort to draw attention of the demonic master and/or lead the way to spiritual freedom, revolted. We are literally, if we take the Christian mythology as somehow true, reading the Bible of the benighted, hateful master who has only caused us harm and cannot take stock in what he has done.

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