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Busy Busy Weekend!

I needed to change something in the Login page today, and ended up trashing it.I took a look at the code, and it was completely horrible. I did it back in 1999 when I first started this game and didn't know what I was doing.

So I did a complete rewrite, it will look the same, be the internals are completely different and will be much easier to maintain in the future.

Falcon killed me, (I requested nobody do this weekend). I would have messed with Falcon's player info, but her killing me ended up in me finding the bug in the login process (If you were killed today, the display would leave you hanging) so we'll call it a draw, OK Falcon? :)

I'd hoped to get the Online Player2Player Combat working today, but it's more detailed than I originally thought. Most of the base code is in place (To handle multi-process communications, needed to send messages back & forth between user sessions while fighting) but it wont be visible until the rest of the code is complete.

I usually just code by the seat of my pants, but this required some actual architecting of the code. I have a pile of paper here with all kinds of scribblings and a complex flow chart that I now need to turn into code over the next few days.

I got all kinds of stuff done the weekend. XMessages now work. Added more things to the Special Events that can occur in the forest. Finished the Tavern (For the most part, Flirt with Angel needs work) finally! (Except Blackjack, that'll come later).

It's weird, this has seemed like a never-ending project, but the completion of it is finally in site!
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Comfortably Anonymous
11/26/2000 8:02:03 PM
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Comfortably Anonymous
11/26/2000 10:41:44 PM
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