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Why Pascal's Wager is an existential threat

So, for a while now, we've had Pascal's Wager, which said that a rational person should live as though God exists and seek to believe in God. Because if  God actually does exist, such a person will only lose their opportunity to posess material things by swearing off this physical world and only concentrating on the next world; wherefore they stand to receive infinite gains in heaven and avoid infinite losses in hell.


Well this seemed to make a lot of sense to me in the past. Then I learned to look beyond myself and instead focus on ourselves as a species. Back when we were just a bunch of simple medieval tribes, everyone following Pascal's Wager had basically no negative possibilities. (Looked at fatalistically anyway, where everyone dies and nothing really matters)


But now that our species has reached the point where we have the knowledge to basically destroy the planet, and our simply existing in such large numbers is causing such a load on the natural ecosystems that it could lead to runaway greenhouse effects turning this planet into another Venus and killing all life in the process. Now, if we look at species survival as the primary concern, being idiots and sticking to pointless Pascal's Wager could cause the death of all life on the planet.
So now it no longer profits us as a species to allow believing in mythical creatures that will save us from ourselves. We can no longer just passively exist, we must take steps to clean our house and care for our effects on the environment before it is too late.
We cannot continue this infantile luxury that a fictitious mommy or daddy entity will come make everything better again and clean our dirty rooms for us.
At this point, although raised religious, I now realize that every self-delusional religious person is a threat to my x-great-granddchildren and everything I truly hold dear. They are also a threat to every potential future being who may be born.

So what once I thought may save me, now becomes a mortal enemy. It's fun to play these mental what-if games about a theoretical superconciousness, but at this time without any true evidence of such a thing, we must be grown ups and put our baby toys away before they kill us.

It's sad to see/say, but with the lack of a functional, non-imaginary, god-figure, it's become too big of a risk to continue to abrograte our responsibilities of charting our own destiny.

If you are religious, it is now time to voluntarily debrainwash yourself, or voluntarily self-terminate before you terminate us all. It's brutal, but no longer optional, if you care for the future. 

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