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Three desperately ill men met with their doctor one day to discuss their
options.  One was an alcoholic, one was a chain smoker, and one was a
homosexual.  The doctor, addressing all three of them, said, "If any of you
indulge in your vices one more time, you will surely die."

The men left the doctor's office, each convinced that he would never again
indulge himself in his vice.

While walking toward the subway for their return trip to the suburbs they
passed a bar. The alcoholic, hearing the loud music and seeing the lights,
could not stop himself.
His buddies accompanied him into the bar, where he had a shot of whiskey.
No sooner had he replaced the shotglass on the bar, he fell off his stool,
stone cold dead.

His companions, somewhat shaken up, left the bar, realizing how seriously
they must take the doctor's words.  As they walked along, they came upon a
cigarette butt lying on the ground, still burning.  The homosexual looked at
the chain smoker and said, "If you bend over to pick that up, we're both

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