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Cold Fusion Apache module problems

(I don't see an actual Cold_Fusion topic here, ASP seemed the closest place to being on topic to me as it deals with server-side web application programming)

We are in the middle of migrating our web architecture from an old NT CF server to clustered CF servers on HP/UX front-ended by Apache running on Solaris. We have a HUGE (10000+ cfm files) amount of cfm content. We have to go through it all app by app to make sure that it functions properly in the new environment.

Since there are so many, we cannot just move them all at one time to the new hardware. Our plan (Same plan we have been sucessfully doing with our Java apps) was to have the new applications ran via the Cold Fusion module for Apache which then connects back to the clustered CF servers, and then use Apache's reverse proxy to connect to our old web server to continue keeping the non-migrated applications in service until they can be properly migrated.

However, the Cold Fusion module is being a pain - we cannot tell it which directories it should be active for, and which it should leave alone - therefore when it sees a .cfm file being requested, it grabs the request and passes it back to the clustered CF servers. However, it is also intercepting the requests for the .cfm files that have not been migrated, that we are passing off to the old servers via the reverse proxy. But, since these files do not yet exist in the new environment, we end up with the CF servers going 404 on us.

I need a way to either (1) instruct the Cold Fusion module to ignore .cfm requests for certain directories, or to (2) give mod_proxy and mod_rewrite priority over mod_coldfusion. I've played around with the Apache module loading order, trying mod_coldfusion either above or below the other modules in the AddModule/LoadModule directives of Apache's httpd.conf file with no results.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've spent most of this week with no luck and am about ready to start pulling my hair out. TIA!
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Comfortably Anonymous
8/8/2001 11:27:18 AM
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