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God and Science - not a paradox

How does scientific research further the 'atheist agenda'? A God that is so powerful and all-knowing that he can create a massively complex universe based on physical law is my kind of God. Imagining God as some bumbling idiot that just haphazardly put the world together with no rhyme or reason behind it scares me. The more scientific discoveries I see, the more great God becomes, God is subtle, God is complex. Get into the hardcore sub-nuclear physics and the minute little laws that govern all their interactions, and then try and tell me there's no God. Don't fear the research - it only shows more of the greatness of God. Being a Christian is the last reason to stick your head in the sand and disbeleive scientific research - don't let it scare you - have peace in the knowledge that God is so far more knowing and perfect than we can comprehend.

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