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HOWTO: Scan the Navy In

First off, you need to consider the fact that the entire Danish Navy has bar codes on each one of their ships. II's completely expected that upon being presented with this seemingly insignificant piece of top secret information, you may be led to say: "Big Deal? What does this signify?"

The very unexpected reason is in order to give an initial experience to the rookie sailors, it does signify something importatnt. In this way, at that final point of their first jouney at sea. where, after many months away from home, the neophyte mitary officers realize that they have survived their first tour! They are finally back at their home port! They can finally see their family and friends again!, In addition, a new thing, something that makes them very happy upon their return: They  realize that they can now use the barcodes on their ships to Scandinavian. Makes sense, don't it?

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3/24/2018 12:33:33 AM
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