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Nimda worm

I took the system down yesterday due to it getting infected by the Nimda worm. Really sucks too - I had EVERY IIS security patch available from Microsoft on the system, and STILL got infected. I've seen some other people on the net saying the same thing, but Microsoft hasn't said a word about it...

Anyway, the system is back up and properly disinfected with the latest patch for Nimda. I guess we'll just wait around for the next one. Hopefully by then, I'll have the code for MessageBase and ROTFOH recoded to Java Servlets & JSP so I can run everything under Apache & Tomcat (Neither of which were affected by Code Red/Code Red II/Nimda!) I think Microsoft's pretty much blown it in the area of consumer confidence with their pathetic approach to security. And they want the whole world to trust them and their lame Passport system to keep everyone's personal information secure. Um, no, not me! I go nowhere that requires a Passport account. Talk about Big Brother, I want nothing to do with it!

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Comfortably Anonymous
9/20/2001 9:41:58 PM
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Comfortably Anonymous
9/23/2001 11:40:32 PM
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