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Posted in response to "3133T dud3" that shittily said "Umm, do you understand how BIND works at all?" to someone who asked why you cannot just have a domain like or american.airlines:


Wow, GOOD question. Hmmm... Let's see... It ends in a "D", so it must be a Unix Daemon process like TelnetD or HttpD for handling Telnet or Http connections. That's it! It's a process for handling Bin connections. Oh, wait, that's not it. *snork*

Why is BIND not called DnsD? After all, it's a daemon process for handling DNS lookups. Instead, it's got some non-sensical name, "Berkeley Internet Name Domain". WTF is that supposed to mean?

Oh wait, you wanted to know if the guy that asked the question knew all about the delicate intracacies of actually configuring this BIND thing. Hmmm. Let me guess how stupid that question was... I'm going to say "Really Stupid".

Get real, what a minute fraction of people are even going to know what BIND is, let alone how to set it up.

This person was right, why can't someone just go ahead and set up "lets.drink.milk"? It has nothing to do with BIND or modifying it, and more with an entrenched monopoly.

Um, no, I use the Microsoft DNS server for ease of use and maximum security. *snork*
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