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Insane rabbits sighted on Mars

Yes, once upon a time, way back before there were chickens, there was a small yabner with a big dream of seeing what else was upon the eerie.

He built a powerful microscope, but pointed it at a beautiful mirror which brought in pictures of the red planet behind him. Alas, deep in the valley of Charn he sighted a great revolution in the goings on of all bunnykind! The great rabbit Yibyap had become enthralled with the idea of growing carrots in dirt.

Now all rabbithood knew this was not right, as a truly good carrot came either in a can or a bag. But this idea truly revolutionized rabbit society, but they became lethargic, ceasing to work in carrot packinging facilities, only hopping around munching on the latest carrot to appear in the soil.

After many eons passed, the combined knowledge of all rabbit research was lost, due to this horrible insane plan of growing carrots in dirt.
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Comfortably Anonymous
7/7/2003 6:48:13 PM
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7/14/2008 8:45:52 PM
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