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Administrating IIS on Win2K

With Win2K's performance monitoring service, it allows performance logging in the background. Good things to monitor are:

\Active Server Pages\Request Execution Time
\Active Server Pages\Request Wait Time
\Active Server Pages\Requests Executing
\Active Server Pages\Requests Queued
\Active Server Pages\Requests/Sec
\Distributed Transaction Coordinator\Response Time -- Average
\Distributed Transaction Coordinator\Transactions/sec
\Memory\Page Faults/sec
\Memory\Page Reads/sec
\Process(inetinfo)\Thread Count
\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time
\System\Context Switches/sec
\System\Processor Queue Length
\Thread(_Total/_Total)\Context Switches/sec
\Web Service(Default Web Site)\Get Requests/sec
\Web Service(Default Web Site)\Post Requests/sec

To enable background logging, go to Start|Control Panel|Administrative Tools|Performance, expand Performance Logs and Alerts, then right-click on Counter Logs and select New Log Settings... From there, you can pick performance attributes to be monitored, where to log, when to log, how to log, how long to log, all kinds of stuff.

Found it best to set it for every 15 seconds, creating a CSV format log that is closed every day, and to have it create a new log everyday, with the filename ending in a yyyymmdd format. YMMV. Enjoy!
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